Wuhan is probably the safest city in China!!




钟南山院士接受采访表示,“武汉解封是非常大的成功,说不定武汉现在是最安全的 ”。















Recently, novel coronavirus pneumonia was cleared in Wuhan, and the three months of Wu’s arrival were finally coming. According to the latest epidemic risk assessment, Wuhan City as a whole has been reduced to low risk. This city, once the “storm center” of the epidemic, has now become “the safest city in the country”.
I believe you have noticed that recently academicians, experts and professors have said that Wuhan is probably the safest place in China.
Zhong Nanshan: maybe Wuhan is safer now
Academician Zhong Nanshan said in an interview, “Wuhan is a great success, maybe Wuhan is the safest now.”.
Zhang Wenhong: Wuhan is perhaps the safest city in China
“Wuhan may become the safest city in China, because many people in the city may already have immunity,” Zhang told the media But he also stressed that at present, this is only an inference, which needs to be confirmed by relevant research.
Li Taisheng: comparatively speaking, Wuhan should be the safest city in China
“Comparatively speaking, Wuhan should be the safest city in the country,” Li Taisheng, a professor from Beijing Union Medical College Hospital, said in an exclusive interview with the people’s daily.
According to Professor Li Taisheng, because the people of Wuhan are very cooperative with the relevant policies of the state, after the Wuhan Congress War, the disease control and clinical medical system in Wuhan has been exercised and improved, with the ability to respond quickly, and the psychological tolerance of the public has also been based. The key point is that all susceptible people who have been cured in Wuhan have produced antibodies. From the perspective of SARS research, the protective effect of SARS antibodies on individuals is between six months and two years.
In order to make the city safer, at present, Wuhan will continue to strengthen the screening and prevention of asymptomatic infections on the basis of unsealing and prevention.
According to the statements of medical experts, professors and academicians, Wuhan is not as dangerous as you think, or even very safe. Three months ago, Wuhan was the “storm center” of the epidemic, but through the efforts of the whole country, Wuhan has survived. The city, full of enthusiasm, vitality and strong Jianghu spirit, is reborn from the disaster.
This sudden outbreak is the unity and cooperation of all compatriots to save Wuhan from floods and fires. Wuhan people will always remember this kindness. Here, we sincerely invite friends from all over the country to visit Wuhan! Climb the Yellow Crane Tower, visit the East Lake greenway, eat spicy crawfish and enjoy the light show of the Yangtze River
Necessary for coming to Wuhan Dynasty
Personal certificate: ID card, health code “green code” (health certificate)
Anti epidemic products: masks, hand sanitizers, disinfectant wipes
Personal clothing: Wuhan is at the end of spring and the beginning of summer. You can wear short sleeves, thin coats, pants and skirts. Or check the weather forecast for your clothes.
Notice for entering China: there should be no barriers for friends from all over the country to enter Wuhan. If you are not sure, you can call the Wuhan mayor’s special line 027-12345 for consultation.

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